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0000092Volume 2Bugpublic2020-03-18 00:58
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Summary0000092: Error when using "Claim all" to claim any reward that asks you to select from two or more options
DescriptionPer Yavamar on Discord:
If you grab every slot in Paragon Rewards and then go to email and claim all, then press No when it warns you that you'll be forced to make a choice, it just keeps asking you over and over again until you close your email.
Also you see "CertClaimAllError" in the chat box
From Riella: I've repro'd this with a bit more detail. What seems to be happening here is that if it asks you to make a choice and you say "no," the "Claim All" script will continue to try claiming the next available mail, which is the one asking you to make the choice, for about 15 seconds. When it's done, "CertClaimAllError" appears in the chat box.
The number of times you see the dialogue doesn't matter; you don't even have to reject it once, just wait 15 seconds after it first pops up and the error will appear, after which you can click "no" and it won't pop up again.
Steps To Reproduce1. Claim any Paragon Reward Token slot that includes your choice of one of two powers.
2. Select a reward in your account email.
3. Click the "Claim all" button.
4. The script will begin claiming rewards one by one from the top of the list down. When it reaches one that starts with "CHOICE:", the following dialogue will appear: "WARNING: You will be forced to select a reward now if you press yes. Do you wish to continue? <Yes/No>"
5. At this point, if you select "No," the window will disappar, then appear again 3-4 seconds later. This will persist each time you select "No" until 15 seconds have elapsed since the window first appeared.
6. After 15 seconds, the error "CertClaimAllError" appears in the chat box, and the window will not reappear after selecting "No."
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2019-05-26 10:23

administrator   ~0000085

Moving to Issue 2. Not a significant crash or MTX related issue for Issue 1.

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