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0000088Volume 2Bugpublic2020-03-18 00:58
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Product VersionIssue 1 
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Summary0000088: Claiming "Signature Summon" power when below level 4 causes it to disappear.
DescriptionFrequency: Unknown; occurred once, but can't claim pack on another character to check again

Context: The SKU CTSYKNOW grants a "New Player Pack" that includes the Knowledge badge and a package of boosts and temporary powers (details here: ) One of those powers is a 5-charge Signature Summon power. Attempting to claim this power resulted in an error: "You must be level 4 or higher and not in an Architect map to claim this power."

Expected: Power would not be claimed, and instead left in my Character Items to claim at a later time.
Observed: Power disappeared from Character Items list as if claimed, but did not appear in my Temporary Powers.

Additional note: Normally the game tries to make you claim this free pack before leaving the tutorial, to make you aware of the store. Since you would be level 2 at that point, this behavior is all the more strange.
Additional InformationAnother tester has reported similar issues claiming other items they shouldn't be able to use. There may be a broader issue at play.
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