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0000087Volume 2Bugpublic2020-03-18 00:58
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Summary0000087: MTX Costume change emotes still APPEAR locked, but remains usable
DescriptionFrequency: Consistently reproducible

Character Details: Happens on any character

Context: From the Costume menu, I selected an MTX-locked costume change emote I didn't own, then clicked the shopping cart button to buy it.

Expected: The red name of the emote should have turned white and the lock icon and shopping cart button should have both disappeared to indicate the emote had been purchased.

Observed: None of those things happened; the costume change emote still APPEARS locked, but remains usable. (I later noticed my repeated attempts to click the shopping cart button yielded the message "Already have product 'CUCPSSSE'" in the chat window.) Closing and re-opening the costumes window corrects the appearance; it's a minor visual error, but a confusing one. Until I accidentally changed costumes and realized the emote I attempted this with was used when I did, I thought the purchase was unsuccessful.

Repro Steps:
1. Open the costume window.
2. Select any locked costume change emote from the drop-down menu. (I tested this with multiple emotes and it occurred for all of them.)
3. Click the shopping cart button next to the drop-down menu.
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2019-05-15 10:40

administrator   ~0000058

Per Joe on Discord:
"I can't seem to claim ninja run / beast run on any other character than the one I first claimed it on. " - this sounds related

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