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Summary0000083: AuthServer has its own SHA512 for some reason; use 3rdparty/cryptopp instead.
DescriptionAuthServer/lib/cryptLib is a SHA512 implementation. Instead of rolling their own, AuthServer should just use SHA512 from Crypto++ in 3rdparty/cryptopp... it's probably already got cryptopp as a dependency, most of the projects link against it.
Steps To ReproduceLook in AuthServer/lib/cryptLib and have a WTF moment.
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2019-05-13 10:32

developer   ~0000056

This will require some testing to ensure nothing is depending on any bugs that might be present in AuthServer's SHA512 implementation vs. the one in Crypto++. I'm assuming you only hit AuthServer when you first log in, so maybe I'm underestimating the test step.

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