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0000240Volume 2Featurepublic2019-10-30 22:56
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Summary0000240: Allow Authserver to read DBServer ports from the database
DescriptionCurrently, Authserver reads the world port from the configuration file, and reports this same port for all shards it offers a client connection. This is fine for the original setup where each shard had a unique IP address, however it is now possible that an authserver might want to point at shards running on non-standard ports, for instance if two shards are running on the same public-facing IP address, or an I24 and I25 shard which use different DBServer ports. Adding a port field to the database and a configuration option allows Authserver to read the port for the shard from the DB and report that, falling back to the default in the configuration if the port is not set.
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2019-10-30 22:56

developer   ~0000163

Merged into develop.

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