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0000238Volume 2Bugpublic2019-11-14 00:52
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Product VersionIssue 2 
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Summary0000238: Settings are not being saved
DescriptionTitle slightly inaccurate - settings are being saved, but not in the right order. The new showTimer option was added to the end of the EUserOptions enum, which the client uses in a loop to send the options to mapserver in the order defined by the enum. Mapserver receives this data, but for some reason the showTimer option was inserted randomly after DisableDrag instead of after CursorScale. This means mapserver and client expect the new option to be in different places, so when you load in an alt, mapserver sends you your options and the client loads them all screwy.
Loading from a saved options file fixes it until you relog (when mapserver sends you screwy options again).
Steps To ReproduceUse the latest develop, login to an existing alt, have your mouse buttons swapped for no reason.
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subsystemGame, MapServer



2019-10-25 14:30

administrator   ~0000161

need to move the mapserver side of the code so the option is read/sent last

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