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0000234Volume 2Bugpublic2019-10-04 20:22
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 7OS VersionUltimate SP1
Product VersionIssue 1 
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Summary0000234: Moving Defense Aux Base Items crashes Mapserver/shard
DescriptionI placed player made base items (see "Image 1.png") and moving them caused crashes. Only happened while trying to move Energy Shields/Relays that were already in place.

I fucked up the placement on the Energy Shield and one of the Relays and decided to move those two.
Attempt 0000001 caused me to get booted after a mapserver error.
Attempt 0000002 I also caused the shard to send everyone trying to connect into an infinite queue and prompted a server restart.
On attempt 0000003 I deleted the Energy Shield and tried to move the Relay by the corner a tiny distance away from the walls, and got mapserver'd.

I then reconnected, went back into the SG Base and deleted both items. I can't/won't test any further as I'm not the only player and I can't reset the server.
Steps To ReproducePlace an Energy Shield/Relay (see Image 1), then move them.
Additional InformationServer is coxg / thunderspy, Issue 2.

There's three other remaining Relay items and they're not causing any issues and I haven't seen any other base items causing mapserver crashes.
TagsSG Base
subsystemGame, MapServer



2019-10-04 20:22


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