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0000233Volume 2Bugpublic2019-10-06 14:42
ReporterBubbleWrapAssigned ToBubbleWrap 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product VersionIssue 2 
Target VersionIssue 2Fixed in Version 
Summary0000233: Cadavers have miscoloured boots and gloves
DescriptionFrom looking at it, I think what is happening is its loading the gloves with a white colour instead of the costume defined colour, probably due to asym body parts overriding their non-asym counterparts.
TagsAsymmetric Assets


related to 0000227 confirmedBubbleWrap Asymmetry: Night Ward anima have gloves and/or boots 
related to 0000236 newBubbleWrap Asymmetry: Carnival with dresses have green boots 



2019-10-02 16:17


Cadaver.png (400,426 bytes)


2019-10-02 18:49

developer   ~0000155

Tweak to ND file needed to fix this.


2019-10-02 18:50

developer   ~0000156

New ND files will be pushed once it's confirmed no more NPCs are affected

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