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0000232Volume 2Bugpublic2019-10-01 23:22
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Summary0000232: Tip Mission "Annihilate the Portal Corp Lab" cannot be completed possibly due to the map.
DescriptionFrequency: This mission cannot be completed no matter how many times I reset it. I have only had this glitch occur once before, but resetting it fixed it back then. I have played a LOT of level 50 villain tip missions, so I have played this mission a bunch of times with no problem.

Character Details: Level 50 Stalker (rebirth)

Context: I started the Villain tip mission "Annihilate the Portal Corp Lab" with a team. The mission ran normally at first. One odd thing that happened was the final boss of the mission spawned right next to us after completing an objective. (Normally she spawns towards the back of the mission.) After defeating her, we are supposed to be ambushed by alternate dimension versions of her, but they never came.

We reset the mission a bunch of times. She no longer spawned right next to us, but the ambush that lets us complete the mission never occurred. I tried it on my own the day after and the ambush still won't spawn. I had to use the auto complete feature that lets players complete a bugged mission every 3 days.

This glitch may be due to the specific map that was used. The map varies from time to time, but I have not had this one before. I took a few screenshots of the map, which I will send in a separate message.

Expected: I expected to be ambushed in a mission which would let my team beat the mission.
Observed: The ambush never came and we couldn't complete the mission.
Steps To Reproduce1) I have not had this problem before so it may not be easily reproduced. I just played the "Annihilate the Portal Corp Lab" villain tip mission, but a necessary ambush never came. It may be because of the map, but I am not sure the exact reason.
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