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0000229Volume 2Bugpublic2019-09-27 23:43
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 7OS VersionUltimate SP1
Product VersionIssue 1 
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Summary0000229: SG Bases' LCD Screens leave behind a temp copy of their "display" texture.
DescriptionLCD screens (ie "Large LCD1", "Medium LCD") will leave a copy of the texture they use for their displays after they're moved, although the floating clone only lasts until you reenter the area, and I think it's just clientside.

Steps To ReproduceEnter the SG Base Editor. Place any LCD item from the "Tech" tab then move the item anywhere else, or just delete it. A copy of the "screen" texture will remain floating at the original position.
You'll also leave a duplicate texture floating if you select the item and press "esc" without placing it.
Additional InformationServer is coxg / thunderspy, Issue 2.
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