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0000224Volume 2Bugpublic2019-12-20 01:17
ReporterBubbleWrapAssigned ToChet 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionIssue 2 
Target VersionIssue 2Fixed in VersionIssue 2 
Summary0000224: Right clicking a summonable pet crashes the client
DescriptionReported on coxg, confirmed on QA - rolled a traps defender, deployed an acid mortar, right clicking crashed the client.
Reports are all non-mastermind pets are affected on coxg.
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2019-09-12 20:09

developer   ~0000147

Crash is ocurring in uIContextMenu.c.line 449, but I have no idea what this code is doing.


2019-10-08 20:05

developer   ~0000159

I just accidentally discovered this happens if you click someone else's pet too, not just your own. This was an MM pet, so previous reports of it not affecting MMs are either inaccurate, or the issue is intermittent.

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