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0000206Volume 2Bugpublic2019-08-19 21:12
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Product VersionIssue 1 
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Summary0000206: Power balance issue: Brute power shield defense has wrong taunt %
Description[Brute_Defense.Shield Defense.Against All Odds] has 400% taunt. that's a tanker taunt %
Brute should be 300%

This causes issues when a shield brute instantly grabs all hate from enemies (and squishes) regardless if another brute has already taken point for the attack. it's not possible to pull the enemies back off.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a shield defense brute character
2. Get "Against all odds" power
3. examine the power details and/or play alongside another brute (e.g. willpower) with the correct values.
TagsIssue 1, powers


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