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0000189Volume 2Featurepublic2020-02-28 01:34
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Summary0000189: Port SCoRE/HC's implementation of /macro_image
Descriptionport SCoRE/HC's implementation of /macro_image as detailed in this reddit post:

Copy from reddit:
"You can give your macros icons instead of having it be a grey circle with words with the /macro_image command. The format for the command is: /macro_image "Image_Name" "Tooltip Text" "Command"

For example, my costume change macro is created with /macro_image "Inherent_KnightsBastion" "Costumes" "popmenu CherryCC". CherryCC is the name of a menu file for one of my character's costumes. I also like /macro_image "Teleport_LongRangeTeleport" "Teleports" "popmenu Teleports".

You can put whatever you want in there though. Masterminds can have /macro_image "PetCommand_Action_Bodyguard" "Bodyguard" "petcom_all follow defensive" and /macro_image "PetCommand_Action_Dismiss" "Dismiss" "petcom_all dismiss" if they want to complete the set.

The icons have to be 32x32 and in the game files - you can't use a square of your face or anything. "

from: Plutocracy (Rebirth) (plutocracy#2654)
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