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Summary0000164: Alternate, simpler to parse, log output for combat
DescriptionThere is a very cool damage meter addon made by /cox/ (see their discord).

Problems related to implemented it were mentioned by the dev:

"It's *very* experimental, mostly because some retarded CoH dev decided to make the logs super fancy and varied.
As a result, it legit has 15 to 20 variants of "X cuntpunt Y using Z", some of them only used for literally one skill - so it's guarantee I haven't encountered them all."

It would be a good feature to standardise combat log output for easier interaction with any third party addons people want to create for interacting with said combat log.
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2019-06-14 11:25

administrator   ~0000116

Per zethfox on discord:
[an] in combat flag does exist, its used to determine if you are allowed to switch your active incarnate slots

suggestions for consideration from Epineurien on Discord:
0) Make all of the following an option, "Advanced Log" or something - so normal players don't get affected
1) somehow standardize everything - rewriting each line by hand would take an ungodly amount of time, but for pure parsing purpose just semi-raw data in the log would be okay.
Aka I would be perfectly fine with a log as unsexy as : ActorName|SkillName|Target|floatValue1|floatValue2|etc
2) let the combat log show other entity stuff
Client does have the data, I'm sure it just filter. Some stuff even get trough that "only the local player's stuff" rule, like HIT/MISS rolls and a handful of NPC ability (Dream Doctor's blind for some reason get through for example - so the client has the stuff).
3) add combat log event for things like buff/debuff being applied and finished.
This one would also allow various buff tracking addons, Rogue Power Bars-style.
4) add combat log event for in/out of combat status

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