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0000162Volume 2Taskpublic2019-06-12 09:14
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Summary0000162: Unnecessary telemetry sent to AuthServer during login
DescriptionOn login, a value is sent along with the login attempt containing whether the user is on a mac or a pc (specifically, whether they use Cider, which is something related to gaming on macs).

On the AuthServer, this field is not logged in the database but it is logged to file.

This value is only used for logging during user logout.

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2019-06-12 09:14

developer   ~0000115

Looked into it. Cider was some proprietary Wine fork that died a decade ago. It shipped with the mac version of the game but since there's no references to it in code anywhere I'm assuming we've just got pc source without the Cider wrapper. Mac users playing the game today are using Bootcamp/Wine to play.

So the value sent will always be a dummy value for PC. Still, may as well remove, along with any other references to Cider.

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