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Summary0000127: Client crashes, seemingly randomly, when zoning or entering door missions
DescriptionThe client crashes, seemingly randomly, when zoning or entering door missions.

The most consistent way to reproduce this, per BubbleWrap on discord, is to "just zone back and forth between skyway and faultline".

The crashrpt library may be able to help.

This crash is NOT observed on SCoRE, but SCoRE uses the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 v90 compiler.
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has duplicate 0000118 closedChet Numerous reports of frequent crashes when entering and leaving missions. 



2019-05-27 23:00

developer   ~0000087

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Is this the same as (per Bubblewrap on Discord):

"using the 2010 built opt-debug client i can crash by repeatedly zoning in and out of faultline on rebirth, the client console's last entry is

starting game
Chatserver login: Bubble Wrap, Rebirth
Connecting to mapserver (UDP) cookie: 64672688.. (0.55)
anim: Bad geometry request Model: '_vclub_PoolRack_Full_Lo'
Shutting down novodex...
  deiniting actor spore grid...done (6520). (0.00)
  freeing all novodex shapes...done: freed 2581 shapes. (0.01)
  success (0.05)

not overly helpful"

I'm having trouble recreating (at 50 or so rezones now).

Couldn't recreate. Is this a differing bins/pigg thing?


2019-06-01 19:54

updater   ~0000099

I've received additional information from multiple users; will include screenshots of Discord conversations. The screenshots attached are all with the same person.

vicarious1.jpg (596,800 bytes)
vicarious2.jpg (627,204 bytes)
vicarious3.jpg (567,644 bytes)
vicarious4.jpg (646,611 bytes)
vicarious5.jpg (569,774 bytes)
vicarious6.jpg (589,367 bytes)
vicarious7.jpg (589,563 bytes)


2019-06-01 19:58

updater   ~0000100

Second person with information. Similar pattern of crashing as Faultline reported in Rikti War Zone.

tempstaff.jpg (51,381 bytes)
tempstaff.jpg (51,381 bytes)


2019-06-02 02:08

updater   ~0000101

Further report from VicariousEXP:

VicariousExp Today at 5:04 PM
Well, I hit 20 so I tried to replicate it and tried some of Doc Delilah's missions - 5 out of 6 times, I CTD on the main account, sub account party member gets in every single time.
To make sure it wasn't a hardware problem I swapped roles and tried it in reverse (running Jim Temblor missions) and then my laptop started CTDing and my desktop got through fine.
the ctd only seems to happen on the first loading screen. If the second account gets to the loading bar, then it's safe to enter the door (I think, needs more testing)
Yup, tried 3 resetting missions 3 times, first loading screen.


2019-06-03 03:07

updater   ~0000103

Report from Plutocracy, clarified that he's referring specifically door mission and zone change crashes. He describes his experience in Rikti War Zone as including crashes as frequent as Fautline.

Plutocracy (Rebirth)Today at 10:50 PM
just powered through Levantera and Serpent Drummer in a duo and between the two of us we had 15 crashes, including one trying to leave the zone to AP
with the exception of AP and one crash re-entering RWZ from PI, they all involved door missions

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