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0000104Volume 2Bugpublic2020-01-11 11:00
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Summary0000104: A large number of SKUs can be granted via in-game GM commands, but not via server commands.
DescriptionCertain SKUs can be granted by my Access 11 character via /buyproduct and the costume sets function correctly, but attempts to grant them via server admin commands or AutoGrantSKU yield no results.

Known affected SKU ranges:
CUCP11xx (Halloween 2011 bundle)
CUCP12xx (never released, presumably Halloween 2012 bundle given its contents)
CUCPBKxx (Black Knight set; there are a few exceptions to this one, all of them already in default_sku.cfg)
CUCPS2xx (Cosmic Corsair set)
CUCPEOxx (Elemental Order set)
CUCPTVxx (Talons set)

UPDATE: Thanks to considerable legwork by asuffield the cause has been discovered. In the pigg directory defs/account/product_catalog.def some SKUs have a StartDate value. If this value exists, and corresponds to a time in the future, the SKU is considered "unpublished" even if it's flagged as published. To allow these SKUs to be granted, the fix should be as simple as removing the StartDate value completely.
Additional InformationExample catalog item in product_catalog.def:

        Title "Elemental Order Sleeves"
        InventoryType PlayerInventory
        InventoryCount 1
        GrantLimit 1
        Global 1
        Recipe CUCPEOSL
        StartDate 631180800

The value's exact meaning is unclear; asuffield suspects it to be the number of seconds from a specific time in the year 2000, and believes the value in this example corresponds to sometime in 2020.
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2019-05-21 20:11

viewer   ~0000075

Attached product catalog with all start and end dates removed for testing. (115,551 bytes)


2019-05-21 20:13

viewer   ~0000076

And from the 2500 defs for reference, asuffield was correct.

    // Start Date = 01/01/2020 08:00 AM, UTC (01/01/2020 12:00 AM in Calif.)
    StartDate 631180800


2019-06-05 03:01

developer   ~0000105

product_catalog contained invalid StartDate flags that caused the client to see the items as "unpublished" by scrubbing these StartDate flags from the affected MTX powersets we are able to now see them (locked) in the costume editor and can be unlocked by granting the SKU.

Riella, Chrius, and I have scrubbed and tested. I've pushed the updated product to (pending PR Merge to develop)

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