Scheduled For Release 2019-04-28
First stable release. All servers building, game is playable, MTX related locks on costumes and powersets have been removed, the Map Server has (optionally) been given 64-bit support, and (optionally) we have migrated to VS2019.

Major show stopping crashes caused by the currently known i24 client/server data should also be identified and resolved.

This is focused on preserving i24 as-is, and providing stability of the codebase and removing anything that requires payment.
0000093: [Task] Disable Psi Melee
0000094: [Task] Remove incomplete power pools from selection list.
0000092: [Bug] Error when using "Claim all" to claim any reward that asks you to select from two or more options
0000087: [Bug] MTX Costume change emotes still APPEAR locked, but remains usable
0000088: [Bug] Claiming "Signature Summon" power when below level 4 causes it to disappear.
0000040: [Task] New Splash Screen (Chet)
0000067: [Task] Remove invalid URLs from game text (Chet)
0000108: [Feature] Update DBServer/MapServer Initialization (michaeldcullen)
0000107: [Feature] AE XP scale and reward tickets scale (michaeldcullen)
0000091: [Task] Implement/port -patchDir from score code (Searge)
0000070: [Bug] Claiming loyalty rewards that give multiple SKUs fails (chrius)
0000119: [Bug] Game crashes to desktop with no error when placing invention recipes on market (Bevinsky)
0000114: [Bug] Villains cannot access the Ouroboros zone (TheManicCoder)
0000121: [Bug] Game crashes to desktop with no error when trying to view IO enhancement recipe info via right-click menu (Bevinsky)
0000075: [Bug] Toggles doubled up when logging in after more than 15 minutes offline (Pazaz)
0000086: [Bug] Typo in authserver sample config files (Searge)
0000090: [Feature] Remove restriction on hardcoded shard names in the client. (Bevinsky)
0000079: [Task] remove the Paragon Store from the main game menu (Searge)
0000103: [Bug] loyalty rewards are auto-claimed (chrius)
0000096: [Feature] Remove -project from the client's required command line parameters (Pazaz)
0000095: [Task] Unique executable name to avoid conflicts with other codebases (Pazaz)
0000101: [Bug] Login hangs when encryption is enabled (Searge)
0000016: [Task] Remove all MTX (Searge)
0000001: [Task] No executables and pre-compile libraries in repo (Cattan)
0000106: [Task] Changed RC files to make them compile with VS Express (michaeldcullen)
0000105: [Task] Update PhysX integration (michaeldcullen)
0000102: [Bug] Super packs cause account server errors (chrius)
0000077: [Task] Prepare example configuration templates (Searge)
0000058: [Bug] Failed logins still show server list (Pazaz)
0000028: [Feature] Add servers.cfg var to set the external ipaddr that mapserver will advertise to the client (Miwa)
0000076: [Bug] AuthServer ODBC Driver message "COUNT field incorrect or syntax error" (Cattan)
0000069: [Bug] Client crashes in character creator (Cattan)
0000059: [Feature] Implemented transient flag for map server (Searge)
0000034: [Task] DISABLE Hardware logging and Chat message logging (disseminate)
0000068: [Bug] Game client crashes sometimes when leveling up in release mode (Cattan)
0000064: [Bug] StatsServer crash when sending a DBCLIENT_SET_CONTAINER command to dbserver in 64 bit (Cattan)
0000053: [Bug] Number of used character slots on the character selection screen is wrong (Searge)
0000054: [Bug] Client console is spammed with "Class name not found" when entering character select screen (Searge)
0000061: [Bug] Always ignore missing launchers during startup to avoid having to ignore message dialog (zer0rez)
0000051: [Task] Remove Steam API (Searge)
0000048: [Task] Disable PostbackRelay and MTX queue in AccountServer (Searge)
0000047: [Task] Strip out mail server from auth server (Searge)
0000045: [Task] Add DB Schema files to repository (Searge)
0000017: [Feature] Visual Studio 2019 Support (Cattan)
0000049: [Task] Source\Utilities\pig needs to be ported to VS2010 (Cattan)
0000042: [Task] Remove Herobrowser (Cattan)
0000039: [Task] Game client does not build in Debug, Full Debug and Opt Debug configuration (Cattan)
0000013: [Task] Resolve build for TestClient (Cattan)
0000030: [Feature] Strip out any http calls to ncsoft or unknown IPs (disseminate)
0000006: [Task] Resolve build for chatserver (Cattan)
0000005: [Task] Resolve build for ChatAdmin (Cattan)
0000004: [Task] Resolve build for auctionserver (Cattan)
0000003: [Task] Resolve build for arenaserver (Cattan)
0000002: [Task] Resolve build for AccountServer (Cattan)
0000007: [Task] Resolve build for CmdRelay (Cattan)
0000008: [Task] Resolve build for dbquery (Cattan)
0000010: [Task] Resolve build for raidserver (Cattan)
0000012: [Task] Resolve build for startserver (Cattan)
0000014: [Task] Resolve build for TestClientLauncher (Cattan)
0000009: [Task] Resolve build for MissionServer (Cattan)
0000022: [Feature] Resolve build for authserver (Cattan)
0000037: [Task] Remove Korean source code comments in AuthServer (Cattan)
0000026: [Feature] Remove NCsoft details from login (disseminate)
0000019: [Bug] Investigate crash during template generation in playerCreatedStoryArc_GenerateData (disseminate)
0000018: [Task] Remove OR disable perforce support (disseminate)
0000050: [Bug] Server connections closing if internal IP does not match typical schema (192.*, 172.*, or 10.*) (Pazaz)
0000011: [Task] Resolve build for ServerMonitor (Pazaz)
0000025: [Bug] Combining inspirations fails (Miwa)
0000055: [Task] OpenSSL isn't actually used in the code, we can safely remove it. (Taffer)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-04
Issue 2 shall focus on Modernization, Optimization, Scalability, and Security. This is the time to try and improve upon what currently exists and begin migrating towards better scalability. The roadmap and plan for this will be changing constantly for a while until plans solidify.

One focus shall be on building and testing the existing asset/content development tools within the system, resolving bugs, removing perforce dependencies, and investigate how to utilize them for content development.
0000123: [Feature] Updated default_sku.cfg (Methril)
0000122: [Feature] Player Difficulty Settings Command Change (Methril)
0000100: [Task] Update UnitTest++ to current release. (Taffer)
0000109: [Task] We need an OuroDev patcher/launcher
0000083: [Task] AuthServer has its own SHA512 for some reason; use 3rdparty/cryptopp instead.
0000082: [Bug] AuthServer duplicates zlib for its arda2 library
0000073: [Task] Investigate ArtTools solution (Cattan)
0000074: [Task] Build and test 3dsMax Plugins
0000072: [Task] Restore functionality to COH_CostumeUpdater
0000071: [Bug] code analysis bugs in Common (Taffer)
0000027: [Feature] "Remember Password" (disseminate)
0000056: [Feature] Remove registry dependence (disseminate)
0000057: [Bug] Elminate unsafe string handling in dbserver (Taffer)
0000015: [Feature] Full 64-bit support for the Map Server (Cattan)
0000052: [Task] Port AuthServer to VS2019 (Cattan)
0000066: [Bug] code analysis bugs in dbserver (Taffer)
0000081: [Task] Remove unused *_test projects, unused UnitTest props, unused UnitTest++ library (Taffer)
0000080: [Task] Remove unused 3rdparty code (Taffer)
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