Scheduled For Release 2020-03-18
Issue 2 shall focus on Modernization and stability, migrating the client and servers to Visual Studio 2019 and providing 64-bit support to everything but the client and mapserver.
0000187: [Feature] Production Volume 2 Server in a Box (Callista)
0000166: [Feature] Update worldDetailLevel to scale to 2,000% (Chet)
0000255: [Bug] {HeroName} Borked for Contacts (Chet)
0000243: [Bug] Mapserver_Debug does not correctly recreate certain bins (Develop branch) (Chet)
0000254: [Feature] Restore Outbreak and Breakout tutorial zones (Oth)
0000253: [Feature] Customizable Aggro Cap Modes (zalittle)
0000189: [Feature] Port SCoRE/HC's implementation of /macro_image (Oth)
0000082: [Bug] AuthServer duplicates zlib for its arda2 library (Cattan)
0000140: [Task] Replace vorbis libraries with build from source (Cattan)
0000142: [Task] Replace jpgdlib libs with a source build (Cattan)
0000143: [Task] Replace libcubemapgen with a source build (Cattan)
0000156: [Task] Get Beacon server running successfully (asuffield)
0000157: [Task] Update Client and Server systems to Visual Studio 2019 (Cattan)
0000159: [Feature] Merge Dex's tray recast timers (Chet)
0000172: [Feature] Separate Left/Right glove and Left/Right boots. (BubbleWrap)
0000194: [Task] Badge Monitoring (msh91)
0000209: [Bug] aiEventNotifySetupNotification is not checking if the target has an AI if the attack deals no damage (Cattan)
0000210: [Bug] character_RespecSwap has an incorrect null check (Cattan)
0000211: [Bug] csrBan crashes when a GM tries to an a player that doesn't exist (Cattan)
0000235: [Bug] Fix 2 reported memory leaks (Chet)
0000250: [Bug] Granting the badge "Mission_DA_PersonalArc_Complete_03" crashes the mapserver (Chet)
0000248: [Bug] Screenshots can crash the client (Chet)
0000251: [Bug] mapserver crash on first entity movement on mission maps (VoodooMike)
0000249: [Bug] 64-bit AuthServer crashes when providing ODBC connection info (Chet)
0000224: [Bug] Right clicking a summonable pet crashes the client (Chet)
0000242: [Bug] Crash when switching tabs in character creation (Chet)
0000173: [Feature] Add a /played command (zalittle)
0000213: [Bug] Asymmetry: Huge Robe Right Glove corrupted (BubbleWrap)
0000218: [Bug] Asymmetry: Huge Shirts missing gloves (BubbleWrap)
0000221: [Bug] Asymmetry: Getting Bad number of costume parts trying to load some legacy costumes (BubbleWrap)
0000052: [Task] Port AuthServer to VS2019 (Cattan)
0000126: [Task] Update crashrpt (Cattan)
0000167: [Task] Set AuthServer configuration defaults to send shard names (Pazaz)
0000160: [Feature] Implement SCoRE's Field of View slider (Chet)
0000158: [Bug] Gettex relies on CJPEG being present (Chet)
0000066: [Bug] code analysis bugs in dbserver (Taffer)
0000238: [Bug] Settings are not being saved (BubbleWrap)
0000240: [Feature] Allow Authserver to read DBServer ports from the database (BubbleWrap)
0000239: [Feature] Allow client to specify which servers it wants Authserver to display (BubbleWrap)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-08-31
Issue 3 shall focus on Simplification of the binning process, postgres support, 64-bit Client, 64-bit Map Server, and community fixes and features. For the first time, we shall also begin addressing content related bugs for i24 content.
0000020: [Feature] Database customization
0000032: [Feature] Fast respawn timers for enemies
0000041: [Feature] Make the file loading behaviour less confusing between development and production mode
0000084: [Bug] Mapserver crashes when attempting html export with -charinfo option (non-critical, resolution not needed for issue 1)
0000087: [Bug] MTX Costume change emotes still APPEAR locked, but remains usable
0000088: [Bug] Claiming "Signature Summon" power when below level 4 causes it to disappear.
0000092: [Bug] Error when using "Claim all" to claim any reward that asks you to select from two or more options
0000098: [Bug] At the end of task force runs and Ouroboros missions, the "Defeats" counter appears as a random text string.
0000099: [Bug] Boss doesn't spawn at the end of "Stop the superadine shipment" in King's Row if non-instance owner triggers cutscene
0000113: [Bug] Supergroup bases become inaccessible when more than one mapserver launcher is used.
0000115: [Feature] Expand account password length
0000120: [Bug] Specific Ouroboros flashback arcs are exemplaring players down to the wrong level.
0000124: [Bug] Improper arguments being passed to sqlconn functions (danda)
0000130: [Feature] Some level 20 missions direct players to Dark Astoria but can only be completed in Echo: Dark Astoria
0000133: [Bug] Ouroboros Flashback mission "Rescue the Mystic from the Circle of Thorns" puts you in a task force but gives you no mission.
0000134: [Bug] When game UI is set to villain mode, some zone transition markers in Paragon City show the names of villain zones.
0000135: [Bug] Rogue>hero tip missions sometimes have enemies with wildly different levels.
0000151: [Task] Replace authserver database connection info with a config file
0000153: [Bug] When you open the market, filter by "For sale," and click "recipes," the results return only a very short list of recipes.
0000154: [Bug] Individual item price not listed in "selling" tab on AH for stack of multiple items.
0000161: [Bug] Pop Help Windows not hiding properly when open then disabled in Options
0000164: [Feature] Alternate, simpler to parse, log output for combat
0000165: [Feature] Move graphics config from registry to settings file (danda)
0000169: [Feature] Increase login screen texture resolution
0000170: [Feature] Customizable logout timers
0000171: [Feature] Server customizable storage limits for SG/VGs
0000175: [Feature] Give an option to enable timestamps in chat.
0000176: [Feature] New option: make it so your power trays don't autopopulate after a respec
0000179: [Feature] Server customizable SG/VG roster size
0000181: [Bug] Fix font scaling on the Navigation HUD
0000184: [Feature] option to reduce or eliminate screenshake
0000186: [Feature] Provide an option to skip cutscenes
0000191: [Feature] Provide an option to offload PhysX to the CPU
0000193: [Feature] When talking to a vendor, provide an option to sort your inventory alphabetically.
0000207: [Bug] Bugged Accomplishment Badges
0000222: [Bug] Intermittent spurious out of range errors firing powers
0000223: [Bug] Intermittent failures to record kills
0000245: [Feature] Port Dead End Developer's Postgres implementation
0000252: [Feature] Server-side Damage Multiplier
0000150: [Bug] DB crash when a player disconnects from the queue when the SQL queue is too long.
0000225: [Bug] Clicking a player-created item's info tab crashes the game
0000244: [Bug] Authserver fails an assert when there are no registered servers, and an unregistered server connects
0000246: [Bug] 64-bit Statserver crashes on load.
0000180: [Feature] Paragon Reward Tokens auto grant
0000174: [Feature] Server Customizable character limits per account
0000073: [Task] Investigate ArtTools solution (Cattan)
0000198: [Task] Update PhysX to open source version and buid libraries as part of the VS2019 build system currently in place (Cattan)
0000015: [Feature] Full 64-bit support for the Map Server (Cattan)
0000083: [Task] AuthServer has its own SHA512 for some reason; use 3rdparty/cryptopp instead. (Cattan)
0000139: [Task] Replace nvidia-cg-toolkit with nvFX (Cattan)
0000141: [Task] Replace freetype libs with build from source (Cattan)
0000144: [Task] Replace nvdxt with a source build (Cattan)
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