Scheduled For Release 2019-05-04
Issue 2 shall focus on Modernization, Optimization, Scalability, and Security. This is the time to try and improve upon what currently exists and begin migrating towards better scalability. The roadmap and plan for this will be changing constantly for a while until plans solidify.

One focus shall be on building and testing the existing asset/content development tools within the system, resolving bugs, removing perforce dependencies, and investigate how to utilize them for content development.
0000244: [Bug] Authserver fails an assert when there are no registered servers, and an unregistered server connects
0000243: [Bug] Mapserver_Debug does not correctly recreate certain bins (Develop branch)
0000236: [Bug] Asymmetry: Carnival with dresses have green boots (BubbleWrap)
0000228: [Bug] Asymmetry: Picking a costume set doesn't assign boots (BubbleWrap)
0000226: [Bug] Asymmetry: PString shields with missing geo/fx (BubbleWrap)
0000223: [Bug] Intermittent failures to record kills
0000222: [Bug] Intermittent spurious out of range errors firing powers
0000220: [Bug] Asymmetry: Huge RoboFreak2 not clearing right glove correctly (BubbleWrap)
0000219: [Bug] Asymmetry: Tech Knight details appear on both sides (BubbleWrap)
0000217: [Bug] Asymmetry: Mecha gloves apply options to both sides (BubbleWrap)
0000216: [Bug] Asymmetry: Post Apoc glove spikes missing (BubbleWrap)
0000215: [Bug] Asymmetry: PStrings and blank costume parts (BubbleWrap)
0000214: [Bug] Asymmetry: Black Knight details appear on both gloves (BubbleWrap)
0000163: [Feature] Implement SCoRE's -basedir -piggdir -datadir (Cattan)
0000138: [Feature] Implement Discord Rich Prescence (msh91)
0000071: [Bug] code analysis bugs in Common (Taffer)
0000195: [Task] Remove FULLDEBUG and FINAL defines from the code base (Cattan)
0000196: [Feature] [Game] Flag to start with a specific flag rather than all (msh91)
0000181: [Bug] Fix font scaling on the Navigation HUD
0000180: [Feature] Paragon Reward Tokens auto grant
0000174: [Feature] Server Customizable character limits per account
0000164: [Feature] Alternate, simpler to parse, log output for combat
0000165: [Feature] Move graphics config from registry to settings file (danda)
0000162: [Task] Unnecessary telemetry sent to AuthServer during login (danda)
0000033: [Feature] Remove all absolute paths in codebase
0000115: [Feature] Expand account password length
0000084: [Bug] Mapserver crashes when attempting html export with -charinfo option (non-critical, resolution not needed for issue 1)
0000104: [Bug] A large number of SKUs can be granted via in-game GM commands, but not via server commands. (Chriskitsch)
0000150: [Bug] DB crash when a player disconnects from the queue when the SQL queue is too long.
0000127: [Bug] Client crashes, seemingly randomly, when zoning or entering door missions
0000088: [Bug] Claiming "Signature Summon" power when below level 4 causes it to disappear.
0000087: [Bug] MTX Costume change emotes still APPEAR locked, but remains usable
0000092: [Bug] Error when using "Claim all" to claim any reward that asks you to select from two or more options
0000122: [Feature] Player Difficulty Settings Command Change (Methril)
0000100: [Task] Update UnitTest++ to current release. (Taffer)
0000074: [Task] Build and test 3dsMax Plugins
0000072: [Task] Restore functionality to COH_CostumeUpdater
0000073: [Task] Investigate ArtTools solution (Cattan)
0000198: [Task] Update PhysX to open source version and buid libraries as part of the VS2019 build system currently in place (Cattan)
0000132: [Bug] Specific NPC dialogue is a long number instead of a message. (Chriskitsch)
0000027: [Feature] "Remember Password" (disseminate)
0000227: [Bug] Asymmetry: Night Ward anima have gloves and/or boots (BubbleWrap)
0000233: [Bug] Cadavers have miscoloured boots and gloves (BubbleWrap)
0000224: [Bug] Right clicking a summonable pet crashes the client (Chet)
0000225: [Bug] Clicking a player-created item's info tab crashes the game (Pumpk1nH34D)
0000056: [Feature] Remove registry dependence (disseminate)
0000083: [Task] AuthServer has its own SHA512 for some reason; use 3rdparty/cryptopp instead. (Cattan)
0000139: [Task] Replace nvidia-cg-toolkit with nvFX (Cattan)
0000141: [Task] Replace freetype libs with build from source (Cattan)
0000144: [Task] Replace nvdxt with a source build (Cattan)
0000166: [Feature] Update worldDetailLevel to scale to 2,000% (Chet)
0000108: [Feature] Update DBServer/MapServer Initialization (michaeldcullen)
0000057: [Bug] Elminate unsafe string handling in dbserver (Taffer)
0000242: [Bug] Crash when switching tabs in character creation (Chet)
0000173: [Feature] Add a /played command (zalittle)
0000159: [Feature] Merge Dex's tray recast timers (Chet)
0000235: [Bug] Fix 2 reported memory leaks (Chet)
0000213: [Bug] Asymmetry: Huge Robe Right Glove corrupted (BubbleWrap)
0000218: [Bug] Asymmetry: Huge Shirts missing gloves (BubbleWrap)
0000221: [Bug] Asymmetry: Getting Bad number of costume parts trying to load some legacy costumes (BubbleWrap)
0000172: [Feature] Separate Left/Right glove and Left/Right boots. (BubbleWrap)
0000209: [Bug] aiEventNotifySetupNotification is not checking if the target has an AI if the attack deals no damage (Cattan)
0000210: [Bug] character_RespecSwap has an incorrect null check (Cattan)
0000211: [Bug] csrBan crashes when a GM tries to an a player that doesn't exist (Cattan)
0000156: [Task] Get Beacon server running successfully (asuffield)
0000194: [Task] Badge Monitoring (msh91)
0000052: [Task] Port AuthServer to VS2019 (Cattan)
0000157: [Task] Update Client and Server systems to Visual Studio 2019 (Cattan)
0000142: [Task] Replace jpgdlib libs with a source build (Cattan)
0000140: [Task] Replace vorbis libraries with build from source (Cattan)
0000126: [Task] Update crashrpt (Cattan)
0000082: [Bug] AuthServer duplicates zlib for its arda2 library (Cattan)
0000143: [Task] Replace libcubemapgen with a source build (Cattan)
0000167: [Task] Set AuthServer configuration defaults to send shard names (Pazaz)
0000160: [Feature] Implement SCoRE's Field of View slider (Chet)
0000158: [Bug] Gettex relies on CJPEG being present (Chet)
0000066: [Bug] code analysis bugs in dbserver (Taffer)
0000238: [Bug] Settings are not being saved (BubbleWrap)
0000240: [Feature] Allow Authserver to read DBServer ports from the database (BubbleWrap)
0000239: [Feature] Allow client to specify which servers it wants Authserver to display (BubbleWrap)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-09-08
64-bit Client and 64-bit Map Server. More community fixes.
0000015: [Feature] Full 64-bit support for the Map Server (Cattan)
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