Issue 2 shall focus on Modernization and stability, migrating the client and servers to Visual Studio 2019 and providing 64-bit support to everything but the client and mapserver.
0000166: [Feature] Update worldDetailLevel to scale to 2,000% (Chet)
0000255: [Bug] {HeroName} Borked for Contacts (Chet)
0000243: [Bug] Mapserver_Debug does not correctly recreate certain bins (Develop branch) (Chet)
0000254: [Feature] Restore Outbreak and Breakout tutorial zones (Oth)
0000253: [Feature] Customizable Aggro Cap Modes (zalittle)
0000189: [Feature] Port SCoRE/HC's implementation of /macro_image (Oth)
0000082: [Bug] AuthServer duplicates zlib for its arda2 library (Cattan)
0000140: [Task] Replace vorbis libraries with build from source (Cattan)
0000142: [Task] Replace jpgdlib libs with a source build (Cattan)
0000143: [Task] Replace libcubemapgen with a source build (Cattan)
0000157: [Task] Update Client and Server systems to Visual Studio 2019 (Cattan)
0000159: [Feature] Merge Dex's tray recast timers (Chet)
0000235: [Bug] Fix 2 reported memory leaks (Chet)
0000250: [Bug] Granting the badge "Mission_DA_PersonalArc_Complete_03" crashes the mapserver (Chet)
0000248: [Bug] Screenshots can crash the client (Chet)
0000251: [Bug] mapserver crash on first entity movement on mission maps (VoodooMike)
0000249: [Bug] 64-bit AuthServer crashes when providing ODBC connection info (Chet)
0000224: [Bug] Right clicking a summonable pet crashes the client (Chet)
0000242: [Bug] Crash when switching tabs in character creation (Chet)
0000173: [Feature] Add a /played command (zalittle)
0000213: [Bug] Asymmetry: Huge Robe Right Glove corrupted (BubbleWrap)
0000218: [Bug] Asymmetry: Huge Shirts missing gloves (BubbleWrap)
0000221: [Bug] Asymmetry: Getting Bad number of costume parts trying to load some legacy costumes (BubbleWrap)
0000167: [Task] Set AuthServer configuration defaults to send shard names (Pazaz)
0000160: [Feature] Implement SCoRE's Field of View slider (Chet)
0000158: [Bug] Gettex relies on CJPEG being present (Chet)
0000066: [Bug] code analysis bugs in dbserver (Taffer)
0000240: [Feature] Allow Authserver to read DBServer ports from the database (BubbleWrap)
0000239: [Feature] Allow client to specify which servers it wants Authserver to display (BubbleWrap)
0000080: [Task] Remove unused 3rdparty code (Taffer)
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Released 2019-06-07
First stable release. All servers building, game is playable, MTX related locks on costumes and powersets have been removed, the Map Server has (optionally) been given 64-bit support, and (optionally) we have migrated to VS2019.

Major show stopping crashes caused by the currently known i24 client/server data should also be identified and resolved.

This is focused on preserving i24 as-is, and providing stability of the codebase and removing anything that requires payment.
0000002: [Task] Resolve build for AccountServer (Cattan)
0000003: [Task] Resolve build for arenaserver (Cattan)
0000004: [Task] Resolve build for auctionserver (Cattan)
0000005: [Task] Resolve build for ChatAdmin (Cattan)
0000006: [Task] Resolve build for chatserver (Cattan)
0000007: [Task] Resolve build for CmdRelay (Cattan)
0000008: [Task] Resolve build for dbquery (Cattan)
0000009: [Task] Resolve build for MissionServer (Cattan)
0000010: [Task] Resolve build for raidserver (Cattan)
0000012: [Task] Resolve build for startserver (Cattan)
0000013: [Task] Resolve build for TestClient (Cattan)
0000014: [Task] Resolve build for TestClientLauncher (Cattan)
0000017: [Feature] Visual Studio 2019 Support (Cattan)
0000019: [Bug] Investigate crash during template generation in playerCreatedStoryArc_GenerateData (disseminate)
0000022: [Feature] Resolve build for authserver (Cattan)
0000037: [Task] Remove Korean source code comments in AuthServer (Cattan)
0000039: [Task] Game client does not build in Debug, Full Debug and Opt Debug configuration (Cattan)
0000054: [Bug] Client console is spammed with "Class name not found" when entering character select screen (Searge)
0000064: [Bug] StatsServer crash when sending a DBCLIENT_SET_CONTAINER command to dbserver in 64 bit (Cattan)
0000068: [Bug] Game client crashes sometimes when leveling up in release mode (Cattan)
0000070: [Bug] Claiming loyalty rewards that give multiple SKUs fails (chrius)
0000075: [Bug] Toggles doubled up when logging in after more than 15 minutes offline (Pazaz)
0000085: [Task] Remove SteamAuthTest from Utilities (danda)
0000091: [Task] Implement/port -patchDir from score code (Searge)
0000101: [Bug] Login hangs when encryption is enabled (Searge)
0000102: [Bug] Super packs cause account server errors (chrius)
0000114: [Bug] Villains cannot access the Ouroboros zone (TheManicCoder)
0000121: [Bug] Game crashes to desktop with no error when trying to view IO enhancement recipe info via right-click menu (Bevinsky)
0000128: [Bug] Account server generates tons of errors the first time an account logs in (Miwa)
0000040: [Task] New Splash Screen (Chriskitsch)
0000067: [Task] Remove invalid URLs from game text (Chriskitsch)
0000094: [Task] Remove incomplete power pools from selection list. (Chriskitsch)
0000116: [Feature] Authserver should allow CNAMEs for external and internal ips in the world server table (Miwa)
0000123: [Feature] Updated default_sku.cfg (Methril)
0000050: [Bug] Server connections closing if internal IP does not match typical schema (192.*, 172.*, or 10.*) (Pazaz)
0000011: [Task] Resolve build for ServerMonitor (Pazaz)
0000055: [Task] OpenSSL isn't actually used in the code, we can safely remove it. (Taffer)
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